Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead

IMDB : 7.1 44 min | 60 min (TV)

Spin off series of The Walking Dead that portrays the beginning events of the zombie apocalypse in the West coast during the same time frame when the city of Atlanta was falling under attack, while Rick was in a coma at the local hospital. It shows how the strain was already in full effect in the south while it's just starting in California.


HD Pilot



Pilot - EPS 01

IMDb: 7.6
65 min

Drug addict Nick Clarke (Dillane) sees his friend Gloria eating another man in the drug den where he is staying, frightening him and causing him to run into the street and be hit by a car. His mother, Madison (Dickens), and his stepfather Travis Manawa (Curtis) go to the hospital where he is under close watch by the police. Madison is the guidance counselor of a high-school where her daughter Alicia (Debnam-Carey) is a student and Travis is one of the teachers, and they return to school as normal. Nick flees from the hospital and Madison and Travis later seek him out. Travis goes to the place where Nick claims that Gloria has eaten a man and he finds gore in the spot. Nick contacts his friend and drug dealer Calvin that tries to kill him. They fight and Calvin dies with a shot. Nick calls Travis and he comes with Madison to meet him. When they go to see Calvin, they see him up and walking around, but soon they learn that something is really wrong with Calvin. They watch in disbelief ... Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Country: USA
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HD So Close, Yet So Far

So Close, Yet So Far


So Close, Yet So Far - EPS 02

IMDb: 7.8
43 min

In Los Angeles, Alicia goes to Matt's house and finds that he is sick. Soon Madison, Travis and Nick arrive and ask her to leave Matt and they go home. Nick has a crisis due to the withdrawal and Madison goes to the school trying to find some medicine to calm him down. In the school, she meets Tobias and gives his knife back. When she sees Principal Artie, Tobias asks her to run but Madison decides to talk to him and finds that he is a zombie. Meanwhile Travis drives to the house of his ex-wife Liza and convinces her to seek Chris out. They find him in the middle of a riot and they seek shelter in a house of a stranger. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Country: USA
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HD The Dog

The Dog


The Dog - EPS 03

IMDb: 7.9
49 min

Travis, Liza and Chris stay in Salazar's barber shop with his family waiting for the right moment to run to the truck. When the looters try to break in the shop, they flee with Daniel Salazer, his wife Griselda and their daughter Ofelia. However a scaffolding collapses on the leg of Griselda. They try to take her to a hospital, but the place is chaotic with infected people under siege of the police. They decide to bring the Salazar family to Madison's house. Meanwhile Madison, Alicia and Nick plays Monopoly waiting for Travis. Soon they see their neighbor Peter Dawson wandering in the direction of their house and Nick decides to go to the next door house to take the shotgun that belongs to their neighbors Patrick and Susan Tran. They see Peter entering in their house and killing the dog that Nick had brought home. Then they see Travis arriving in his truck and they run to warn him. Will they arrive in time? Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Country: USA
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HD Not Fade Away

Not Fade Away


Not Fade Away - EPS 04

IMDb: 7.4
47 min

The National Guard has build a fence in the perimeter of Madison's house and the neighborhood has become one out of twelve infection-free safe zones in Los Angeles. They have strict rules and a curfew in effect to protect the dwellers. Chris sits on the roof of the house with a camera and is intrigued with a light blinking in a house outside the perimeter and he shows his footage to Travis first and to Madison later. Madison sneaks through the fence to see the other side and finds many infected and non-infected copses. Meanwhile Liza is assisting Dr. Bethany Exner that works with the National Guard and she transfers their neighbor to a hospital. Then she examines Griselda's leg and the addicted Nick and soon they are taken by soldiers to a hospital against Madison's will. Liza is invited to join Dr. Exner and she also goes to the medical facility. What will happen to Griselda and Nick? Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Country: USA
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HD Cobalt



Cobalt - EPS 05

IMDb: 7.7
46 min

Nick has a conversation with his cell mate Strand. Meanwhile Ofelia challenges the soldiers throwing objects at the fence asking where her mother is and Andrew Adams comes to take her home. Liza is working in the medical facility under the supervision of Dr. Exner and she learns that Griselda had to amputate her foot. Madison overhears a beat and she finds Daniel and Ofelia in the basement of their neighbor's house and Adams tied to a chair. When Madison and Ofelia leave the basement, Daniel tortures Adams to know where Griselda and Nick are. Meanwhile Travis meets Moyers and tells that he will face an insurrection in the community and Moyers asks Copro Castro to drive Travis to the medical facility. In their journey, they need to stop to fight against zombies that have trapped another National Guard team. Only Castro and a few man return and they drive Travis back to the safe zone. Meanwhile the Salvadorian Daniel recalls his life in El Salvador and tortures Adams. Soon he learns the... Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Country: USA
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HD The Good Man

The Good Man


The Good Man - EPS 06

IMDb: 8.5
52 min

Daniel releases a herd of 2,000 zombies to create havoc in the North gate and a diversion to the soldiers. Meanwhile they break in the facility and find Liza and Nick with his new friend Strand. They try to escape from the zombies to drive to Strand's house by the sea. Will they succeed? Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Country: USA
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